Emergency Road Service for Woman

Emergency road side service provides assistance to motorists and bicyclists in case of their vehicle mechanical failure. Services include tire changing, towing, gasoline supplying, dead-battery services and lock-out assistance.  They, mostly, offer you discounts, charge annual fee or permit you to pay in installments on monthly basis. The best emergency road services, sometimes, help you in travel-planning to ensure you a comfortable traveling experience.


Emergency Road Service is there for you if you need


  • Mechanical work at the location of breakdown
  • Towing your vehicle to a workshop
  • Pulling out vehicle out of a place and position where it is stuck
  • Provision of gas or oil
  • Tire changing and jumpstart assistance
  • Locksmith facilities


What to look for while calling for an Emergency Road Help


Before selecting the wayside backing strategy, you must determine what type of services you need, for that compare different roadside assistance plans; check which corporations are running the paramount services. The following tips will help you buy the best and suitable services for you.


A good roadside service will provide you help in every kind of situation from small to extreme cases such as assisting after you have locked the auto with the keys in to acute situations, like providing transport in case your vehicle has broken down. Choose a service that will arrive at the location in a timely manner. You should know which services provide a guarantee to reach the place in time.


  • Choose a service that is giving full auto club plan.
  • Choose the automaker’s service that is given to you with your certified car.
  • If you often go on long distances, choose that service which gives you big allowance and trip-interruption supports.
  • A credit-card or cell-phone plan can also be beneficial; it is up to their coverage during traveling.


There are certain places where you can find no help e.g. restricted highways or Continue reading

Motorcycle Safety

Woman Motorcycle SafetyRiding a motorcycle is fun but far too dangerous than driving a car. Motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to have a crash and death risk than people in a car, so, motorcycle safety is too important.


Wearing a Helmet

Be sure to wear helmet with a face shield before riding your bike, it keeps you safe from any head injury. People not wearing helmets are five times more likely to have a serious head injury.

Wearing Appropriate Gear

Wear appropriate gear and clothes to minimize the injuries in case of any crash. Wear leather clothes and boots without non-skid soles and gloves to protect your body from any Continue reading

What to Do If In a Car Crash


Car CrashIf you experience a car crash, take deep breaths and stay calm, then you will be able to do the following.


Never Run Away

Stay at the accident scene, in case of serious injuries or death of the other person you can get involved in criminal punishment for being a hit and run motorist.

Check for Injuries

Check yourself on all the areas for the injuries and then check the other persons involved in the accident. If there is any serious case, call for the ambulance or if somebody needs an immediate help, provide first aid.

Help Yourself

If you are injured, use mobile and call 911. Tell them Continue reading


Parenting means to support and promote your child’s physical intellectual, emotional, financial and social development. Parents get lots of suggestions on how to raise their children and they also acquire expert’s advice on different problems and issues regarding their children. Parenting requires multiple skills to learn and also how to use this education at the correct time. For that, parenting classes, discussions, and books can be excellent resources. For the convenience of our readers, we have selected some most important and beneficial points and suggestion.


Children Need Protection

Learn that your children want to feel protection and give them this Continue reading

Car Care for Woman

Checking OilToday, women have lots of responsibilities from child care, home responsibilities to their job responsibilities. A successful woman is the one who fulfills all these duties positively and fruitfully. When it comes to car care, many women neglect it and leave this job for their counterparts, though; they can manage it with a few tips.


Below are some tips that will help you maintain your car even with your busy schedule.


Changing Oil

The oil level is to be checked regularly, for this purpose, read the owner’s manual that will indicate when to change the oil.


Fluids’ Levels

Keep checking your car fluids and those should be properly outdone. Make it a habit to monthly check your vehicle’s transmission, steering, windshield water, brake and cooling system fluids. Inadequate levels of fluids may result in Continue reading

Travel Safety for Woman

No doubt, women are more protective regarding their safety. But, if, out of necessity, they have to travel alone on longer routes, below are a few tips that can make their journey safer.


  • If going on a long journey, make sure that you have taken enough sleep and eaten something light because that won’t let you sleep and wander through the journey. Moreover, take breaks during the journey and eat some snacks in between, walk and stretch your legs a little on various stops. You may even take a quick nap.
  • If traveling with kids, stop off and on for fun; also keep snacks, water, toys, music and books for the journey. On longer trips you must carry pillows, blankets, flashlight and first aid kit.
  • If needing to stop somewhere, pull off the road.
  • Never use mobile phone during driving, it will take away your attention, but if there is an emergency, use hands-free. The best option is to stop your car on the side of the road and then use it.
  • Plan your trip according to the weather; any severity in weather condition may spoil your trip in the form of some danger.
  • Before leaving for your next destination, update yourself regarding the traffic and weather conditions of that area through web.
  • For longer road traveling, use road maps or atlases; it is best if you have a mobile phone.
  • In case of using a hired car, first, acquaint yourself with the basic functions of the car.
  • Lock your luggage in the trunk, especially if you have some precious things with you such as gifts or jewelry.
  • You should know about the traffic laws of each state you are moving in, mainly foreign traffic laws.
  • The most important thing is to maintain your car before setting off, e.g. car wheels should be well-inflated, fluids should be at appropriate levels and tank should be full of gas.
  • Keep a check on your car gas level during journey and as soon as it hits the quarter level, get it full because you don’t know when the next gas station will come into sight.
  • Wear seat belt and be sure everyone in the car is wearing it.
  • Never tell anyone that you are going alone or visiting the place first time, always appear as if you know everything.

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How Woman Can Maintain Their Cars

There are many female drivers who love to drive but there is a very poor ratio of those who really know how to maintain their cars, that’s why it is very uncommon to see a lady changing the tire or checking battery, etc. It is very much necessary for a woman to learn the basic mechanism of the vehicle to escape any troubling situation. They should know how to use the jack and change tire, or jump start the lifeless battery.

Women usually depend on their husbands when it comes to car maintenance, but the real pathetic situation arises when they or any other male figure is not around. Many sensible women have now learnt how they can maintain their cars and it is not really a very difficult task, because by developing a little understanding anyone can do it.


The following tips, surely, will help women maintain their cars:


Car Literacy

A woman must get knowledge and understanding of the vehicle she is Continue reading

Safe Driving for Woman

Whether driving alone or may be with kids or some other partner, a woman must be watchful on the road and follow these given few points to ensure safety.


  • Be observant of the vehicles on the road, if finding somebody coming behind you, move to some other road. By taking one or two turns, you would be well aware if the vehicle is really chasing you. Keep noticing the signs on roads, buildings or land marks during any turn you make, so at the end you may not get lost. If the vehicle is chasing you, try moving to some nearby police station but never stop somewhere in the middle.
  • Avoid night time driving, especially in places you are not familiar with.
  • Keep your cell phone always with you and fully charged.
  • If you are going on a long distance, ask somebody to accompany you. Especially, at night time, during late working hours, you must engage the company of someone.
  • Must make a kit of essential items such as some dry eatables and water etc. and place that in your vehicle.
  • In case of emergency, drive off the road, call police and stay inside until they appear. If someone offers you help, just don’t come out of your vehicle or open the door, but thank him by rolling down your window a little below. You may ask him to call police if you have no phone.
  • Never accept any offer of ride from someone, just don’t agree to go with any unfamiliar person.
  • Keep your car well-maintained and well- serviced to decrease the chance of any mishap on the way.
  • Learn to fix the basic mechanics of car, such as how to jump start the vehicle and how to change a tire, etc.
  • Don’t pay attention if somebody tries to get your attention on the road; just avoid looking at that person and anything like exchange of words. Concentrate on your driving and try to move away by taking turn at the coming intersection.
  • Don’t play your tape recorder or radio so loud that you can’t hear the noises on the road.
  • Never use mobile phone during driving. If there is some emergency, park the car on the side of the road and answer the phone. Otherwise, while travelling within the city it doesn’t take too long to attend the calls or check messages. Reach your destination safely and then answer the person calling, tell him/her that you were driving.

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How Woman can Spot Danger and Keep Safe

Women SafetyWomen go out with different attitudes but, it is very much necessary for a woman to remain conscious of her surroundings especially when she is all alone. Mindful women can detect the danger on time and keep away from any bad situation before it arises. One must learn to read people, judge their intensions and how to tackle strangers.

  • Beware of strangers who give a gesture to stop the car, seemingly, wanting to know the address of some place, or standing with their broken car or wanting a lift. The best option you have is to call patrol police and indicate them the location of the broken car, in other situations, you may stop the car on some distance, stay inside and tell them to get help from patrol police.
  • Before sitting in your car, check the car parked next to yours. An empty car, without any person inside, can have some hidden danger. At that time, you can aware the attendant of it and take help from patrol police.
  • If seeing a stranger approaching you, when you are standing still at some place, waiting for someone or for some other purpose or you might have just entered the car and about to start it, immediately start honking your horn and drive away.
  • Keep looking in back view mirror and check vehicles. If somebody is continuously coming behind you, it means, that car or bike is chasing you. Inform the police if possible, otherwise drive to some nearby police station. Always remember in such dangerous situations, hoot the horn nonstop so that the people around you get alert.
  • Jam packed areas can be dangerous. In such crowded areas full of vendors, kids and beggars don’t wait for any risk because they themselves are threatening. Keep your doors locked, and windows rolled up.
  • Sometimes it happens that someone gives you a signal that there seems to be some problem with your car, don’t pay attention to it unless you reach a safer area and then check your car if you feel there could be some trouble.
  • In an unfamiliar area, you may need somebody to tell you the right direction. In this situation, if somebody offers you to show the direction and asks you to follow him, never do that, remain in your car and understand the verbal instructions.
  • In case your car is hit from back, don’t rush out, stay inside and wait for the police to arive.

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Safety Methods for Woman

Teen Girl Buckling SeatbeltWomen usually never drive for a long distance all alone as compared to men. The basic reason is safety; they do not feel safe and confident enough to be in car and drive. For that, it is necessary that women must keep few things in mind to ensure a better journey. Firstly, the safety of the car is very much important in which comes car safety system and its effective use in the time of need. Moreover, if they work late night, they must be accompanied by someone and avoid traveling alone. Before going out, always tell somebody about their destined location. Following are a few tips for the safety of women.

  • Safe Car Parking: Always park your car in a well-lit area and avoid places with empty structure or building, because a criminal can hide in it easily. Lock your car before leaving it and tell the attendant about its location so he must be mindful, in case you are late.
  • Car Lock: If you are using remote-control lock, unlock the door almost 10 feet away, so that you can easily run and sit in, in case of some danger and make sure that car is locked after sitting in.
  • Look Around: Always remain in your presence of mind and look around while heading towards your car. Look, if the vehicle next to you is standing still or there is somebody inside, is it moving or not. If not, it could be a point of concern.
  • Use Horn: If you smell some danger or see a person coming towards you, start honking the horn and keep on doing so until you drive off, by doing this the people around you would get alert and wonder for the reason.
  • If Being Chased: If you are suspicious that somebody is chasing you, instead of going home and showing him your address, go to some nearby police station or you may call them up or go to some gas station. Keep in mind, in such situations; always honk your horn continuously in order to make people aware of the situation.
  • Make Notes: Keep a pen and paper in your car or purse, note down the number, color and model of the car that is chasing you and give all this information to police.
  • Keys Within Reach: Keep your car keys within reach because if you keep on fumbling and searching for the keys, criminal will take benefit from it and be successful in attacking and robbing.
  • Helping through Police: Never give a positive response to a man in some isolated place with broken car, rather call to a police station or highway patrol and tell them the location of the car. Now women are also engaged in such sort of crimes, therefore, the best help you can give them to is to call police.

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